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November 13, 2011

Who can beat you being “you?” Absolutely no one! Your authenticity is the key to creativity and it allows you to operate in your innovative, unpretentious self. Authenticity is the legitimate you! After all, “you” were Time Magazine’s person-of-the year in 2006.

In today’s culture, there is a communal tendency to replicate designs, perspectives and behaviors. Why is it so much easier to “copy” than to create? Can you accomplish your life’s goals and dreams by replicating what someone else has already accomplished?

Princeton University’s wordnetweb defines authenticity as “undisputed credibility.” Don’t you love that definition? I do, it makes me want to be my authentic self. Isn’t it time for you to courageously and skillfully embrace your authenticity? Yes, it takes courage, but authenticity says to the world, this is who I am – not yet perfect – but 100 percent authentic! Elevate your authenticity and forgo the pressures of replicating someone else’s actions.

Authenticity can enrich your life. I invite you to embrace the passions, ideas and creativity that are uniquely you!


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