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May 7, 2012

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Often we observe the obvious things around us and we show appreciation, but why not reflect on things that are generally overlooked? In my gratitude post today, I consider some of the things that I generally don’t take the time to appreciate, even though I am really grateful for them all! Here is my ‘gratitude’ list of not-so-obvious things…

I’m grateful for order in my life because without it, my life would be “chaotic;” I’m grateful for options because they allow me to choose; Choices are great! I’m grateful for running water, because sanitation and sewers would be unbearable without it; I’m grateful for relationships because they help me see valuable perspectives!

I’m grateful for the rain because it blesses and replenishes the earth; I’m grateful for humanity because we were created higher than the angels! I’m grateful for blue skies because they balance the rainy days. I’m grateful for shoes (the comfortable ones, which are not-so-cute and the cute ones, which are not-so-comfortable), they ease mobility; I’m grateful for innovation, because it opens up future possibilities!

Finally, I’m grateful that God is Omniscient; He knows everything, and the Bible reminds us that He works “all things after the council of His own will!” How cool is that?


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