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May 11, 2012

Mothers are innovators and visionaries,
They are smart fiscal managers;

Mothers invest in their children,
and their investments deserve maximum returns;

Some admit that it can be difficult being a mother,
But as strong, courageous women — they are committed for life;

Since they understand the importance of ethics,
they teach their children to give, to share, and to sacrifice;

Mothers appreciate life’s joys and life’s pain,
And they know it takes both dynamics to raise decent, principled children.

When life throws them lemons,
Resilience and creativity makes lemon cakes, lemon pies, and yes — lemonade;

Mothers are discerners and savvy detectives,
Their intuition tells them when something “is not quite right;”

Mothers are real heroes, their deeds deserve to be acknowledged,
and their affection deserves to be returned.

Show your gratitude…
Go an extra mile, and make a mother smile!


From → My Reflections

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